You need a 360° explainer video for VR devices or 2D screens? A fresh animation style for your new product or company identity? Check out our portfolio. You are at the right place!
Give your audience an unforgettable experience! We paint live on a big screen for events like concerts, festivals and conferences.
We give masterclasses for small and larger groups from beginner to expert. Online & local. The participants learn how to use state of the art VR equipment and professional VR art tools.


All our artworks are available as mono/stereoscopic (with depht) 360° films for VR headsets and can also be viewed on 2D screens:


What is a VR Live Painting?

We will paint live on a big screen for events like concerts, theatres and festivals. Our VR Live Paintings will massivly intensify your main act in a perfect symbiose.

How can you use live paintings?

Talks. We giv talks. Festvials



Theater and Concerts and events.



Musik. Live. Halls.



Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

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VR Workshops

We arrived in the future. A new profession has emerged: the VR-Artist. During our workshops we will teach you the various techniques and methodes of virtual painting and animation.

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Online Courses


VR Painting Webinar

The LAVAMUSEUM is the first easy access virtual museum that offers space for artists to present their work to a wide audience. During the VR Webinar we introduce you to VR art & animation and take you on a virtual tour through the museum. Finally everyone will create their own virtual artpiece.

✔  No VR headset required!✔  Just join with your browser or tablet!

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Create your virtual Space

In this basic course, you will learn how to create your own virtual meeting room (VMR) or exhibition space. As an example, we will together join a virtual museum with artworks from Studio LAVAMACHINE. There we will learn about the tools available. You create your first VR painting and finally your own virtual environment.

✔  No VR headset required!✔  Just join with your browser or tablet!

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VR Design Masterclass

In this Masterclass we teach you the different techniques and methods of virtual design. The course contains practical exercises which will be discussed individually on a weekly basis. VR Design gives you the ability to create and assess your design in VR in a much faster way while having strong intuitive sets of tools to directly modify it.

✔  Encourage innovation!✔  Team mentorship & networking!

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VR Animation Masterclass

In the VR Painting Masterclass we teach you the different techniques and methods of virtual painting and animation as well as a high level of expertise about VR art techniques in general. This course is suitable for VR beginners as well as for media industry professionals and results in your first entirely in VR animated artwork.

✔  Several Days Program!✔  Individual Support!

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Upcoming Events

17. August 2021
9. September 2021


Award winning Germany based Studio LAVAMACHINE combines the power of two independent short film animators & illustrators creating and teaching VR experiences with a powerful message and brand new style.

Eric Giessmann

Eric Giessmann

Director, Animator

Director for animated short films and now specialized in VR content. He was awarded with many prizes for his graduation film “TYPEWRITERHEAD”. and his new short “Sand Wanderer” .

Piers Goffart

Piers Goffart

Art Director, Animator

Freelance illustrator and animator with a passion for storytelling, comedy and character acting. In 2015 he won the POS Award for best Artwork. Since 2017 he shifted his craft more and more into VR painting and animation.




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Jarrestraße 20

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+49 (0)157 79484085


Piers Goffart / LAVAMACHINE

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