Welcome to Lavamachine

Lavamachine is a collaboration between two short film animators & illustrators creating and teaching VR experience.


VR Short Films

You need a VR infographic or an animated short? Checkout our portfolio.

VR Workshops

We offer workshops for groups of up to ten people. Participants learn to use the Rift and different VR painting tools.

VR Live Painting

We paint live on a big screen for events like concerts and festivals. Give your audience an unforgettable experience


Refresh your Audience

We will paint live on a big screen for events like author readings, concerts, theatres and festivals. VR Live Painting will massivly intensify your main act in a perfect symbiose. — Powerpoint presentations are from yesterday. Flipcharts boring. We do “Grafic Recordings in VR”! This still is very unique at the moment, but will become the state of art very soon. Give your audience a refreshing and unforgettable experience! Contact us.

Possible Applications

Author Reading




VR Workshops

Become one with your vision

We arrived in the future. A new profession has emerged: the VR artist. As established 3D animation filmmakers, we have studied the topic VR intensively and know that it is extremely enjoyable to learn. During our workshops we want to show you the various techniques and methodes of virtual painting and animation.

“Story is King”

Within our film making, design and illustration background we always had one common philosophy: “Story is king”. We know that only the right and well told story will trigger emotions and transfer YOUR message to YOUR audience. Since 2017 we were specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) to take this craft to the next level.


Eric Giessmann

Director, Animator

Animation director for animated short films. In 2015 he was awarded many prizes for his graduation film “Typewriter Head”. His new short “Sand Wanderer” is already successfully in distribution.

Piers Goffart

Art Director, Animator

Freelance illustrator and animator with a passion for storytelling, comedy and character acting. In 2015 he won the POS Award for best Artwork. Since 2017 he shifted his craft more and more into VR painting and animation.


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